Our comprehensive list of services.


Gate Automation

You can have a high quality automatic gate system installed in your home or business, making it both secure and conveniently accessible to yourself and others.  more  

Barrier Automation

If your premises needs to regulate the flow of traffic we can install automated barriers at your entrance, or anywhere on your site that requires it.  more  


Our state of the art Videx 4g GSM intercoms system enables you to answer the intercom wherever you are in the world.  more  

Force Testing

Force testing is a legal requirement for many automated gates, especially on residential buildings of multiple occupancy.   more  

Access Control

You can install an access control system in conjunction with your electric gates or barriers.  more  

Maintenance & Servicing

We provide ongoing maintenance contracts for automatic gates and barriers that receive extensive use.  more  

Induction Loops

If you need to allow vehicles out, without letting them in, induction loops are the most cost effective solution.  more  


Our CCTV systems can provide security against shoplifting, theft from employees, and burglary.  more